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What is the function of the roof rack
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In addition to being decorative and beautiful, the roof luggage rack can hold things that cannot be placed in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc. as long as the owner fixes the goods in place, especially if the luggage rope net is installed on the goods, it can carry more things than you expect. Of course, it can't exceed the design load of the luggage rack - 30-50kg.
Car roof luggage rack is a support frame or component installed on the top of the car body to secure the luggage safely and conveniently. It is generally used in hatchback station wagon, SUV, MPV and other models. The roof luggage rack is most commonly used for self driving tourism. It can carry tourism luggage with the roof box and roof frame to increase the space in the car. It can also carry other sports equipment, such as skis, bicycles, sailboats, etc.
When installing the luggage rack, the amount of tasks to be completed by the owner is different according to the specific situation. Some cars have been equipped with luggage racks when they leave the factory. Of course, this kind of luggage rack knowledge is very simple. Consumers can also choose what they like and replace it. There is also a case that the luggage rack is not assembled when leaving the factory, but the installation position is reserved on the roof, and it is generally equipped with reserved screws.
For those vehicles without reserved luggage rack position, the owner had better not install it by himself, otherwise not only the firmness of the luggage rack cannot be guaranteed, but also the roof structure may be damaged.
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